Teal Engine.

Teal Engine can automatically extract DICOM files from PACS, de-identify PII, and save the de-identified files on on-premise storage devices, in PACS, or in the cloud 100-1000x faster than a standard manual workflow.

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Henning Langberg

Access to data is a huge barrier to public-private partnerships. Teal Medical can help researchers, companies, and hospitals overcome this barrier and support research and innovation for the benefit of patients, citizens and society.

Henning Langberg

Chief Innovation Officer @ Rigshospitalet


The Teal Engine consists of a simple, auditable three-step process for automatically,
finding, de-identifying and exporting medical images from PACS to your infrastructure.


Automate the entire data export process, from finding images to removing sensitive information

1. Find

Find studies in your PACS directly from the Teal Engine. Query studies based on date, patient id, modality etc., or copy-paste a list of e.g. AccessionNumbers from a CSV or Excel file.


Automatically log who exported what.

2. De-identify

Automatically de-identify sensitive patient information with the built-in DICOM metatag de-identifier. The Teal Engine is aware of all CIODs, modules, and Types of the 4000+ tags in the DICOM standard, and can remove text burned into the pixel data.


3. Export

Export to local disk, SFTP, or a DICOM node. For local disk and SFTP, you can automatically sort the de-identified images in a folder structure based on DICOM tags.